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7mm Narrow Gauge O-9 Rolling Stock


O-9 commonly uses N and OO-9 scale components which can be used to depict 15 or 18 inch gauge railways. Commercial N and OO-9 scale track can be used as the permanent way. Likewise, chassis and underframes from these scales can be used under O-9 rolling stock.

The advantage of O-9 scale is the small space required in which an interesting layout can be built, representing prototypical industrial or miniature railway operation.

The 422 Modelmaking O-9 range is a combination of bespoke wagons and also conversion kits that make use of components from our O-16.5 range with alternative parts to make them suitable for O-9. The sample models make use of Peco chassis and bogies (not supplied). The choice of which bogies or chassis to use is left to the builder.

2-compartment bogie coach body kit (NG901)
3-compartment bogie coach body kit (NG902)
Bogie covered van body kit (NG903)
Bogie tool van body kit (NG904)
1-plank wagon kit (NG905)
2-plank drop side wagon kit (NG906)
3-plank coal wagon kit (NG907)
4-wheel wagon chassis converter (NG908)

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