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This versatile kit can be used in a number of different ways on the layout. It would be ideal for creating a small coaling stage at a branch line engine shed, it could be used as a milk dock for loading churns in the station yard, or the basis for a cattle dock. Small goods sheds and provender stores were sometimes built on their own little timber platforms. Small wayside halts on branch lines and light railways could be constructed entirely like this.  Away from the station it could perhaps be a carriage cleaning platform or a stage for loco servicing.

This kit comprises 5 detailed cast resin pieces, created from my own masters and moulds. The kit assembles quickly with superglue or general purpose adhesive to form a platform with a footprint of 130mm x 60mm, height 31mm. The pieces feature the typical splits and bolt holes characteristic of second hand railway sleepers. The top sleeper deck also has imprints from chairs were previously fastened. Careful painting followed by dry brushing will help to bring out all the detail. 

The photographs show the parts you will receive, plus a sample build unpainted, and then painted to illustrate how a finished model could look.

Multiple kits can be joined together to create a longer platform if necessary.


Timber Trestle Platform Kit (PP05)


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