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The re-use of redundant timber sleepers was common practice for the old railway companies. Frequently they were used were a quick and cheap wall or fence was needed, common examples include forming bunkers and shuttering in coal yards, retaining walls to hold back small earth works and track side fences on the boundary of railway property. Often construction was simply by means of digging a trench and setting the sleepers on end, edge to edge before back filling. Who said recycling was a new idea!


This kit comprises 3 detailed cast resin pieces, created from my own masters and moulds. The kit assembles quickly with superglue or general purpose adhesive to form a wall of approx. 200mm long and max. height 31mm.


The three separate pieces have been created to allow for flexibility, perhaps being formed into a three sided coal bin rather than a long wall. The resin works easily with common modelling tools and can be easily sawn to allow adjustment and modification.


The pieces feature the typical splits and bolt holes characteristic of second hand railway sleepers including imprints from where the chairs had been previously fastened. Careful painting followed by dry brushing will help to bring out all the detail. 


The pieces feature wood detail on both sides, so will look just as good from any angle


The photographs show the parts you will receive, plus some sample scenes to illustrate how they could be used on a finished model..


Multiple kits can be joined together to create a longer wall if necessary.

Timber sleeper fence/retaining wall/Coal yard shuttering (BC15)


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