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Platform face, suitable for creating a timber sleeper built platform on O gauge / 7mm scale layouts.

Each piece of platform face is produced in white cast resin from our own masters and moulds. Each piece features individual sleepers with prototypical splits, bolt holes and chair marks, so characteristic of old used sleepers.

Each piece of platform measures approx. 240mm long x 31mm high.

Platforms constructed in this way were typical of many wayside halts and small rural stations where traffic was light and economy of construction was important. They are particularly characteristic of light railways and featured prominently in the Colonel Stephens group of lines. At larger stations sleeper built platforms could be seen forming goods loading bays, provender merchants facilities and cattle docks, as well as extensions to masonry and stone passenger platforms.

Platform surfaces were typically either ash/ earth or timber boards. A small ledge is cast into the back of each piece to facilitate fitting of the platform surface by the builder.

Pieces paint well with either acrylic or oil based paints. The examples in the photos were painted dark brown then dry brushed with lighter shades of brown and grey to bring out the detail

Matching ramps are available (PP01).

Timber sleeper built platform face (PP02)


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