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This building has been created in the style of structures typically found on small rural stations, where local architects and local materials combined to create neat and robust buildings for the communities the railway served. The building could be used on its own for a smaller branch line station, or combined with other buildings for a larger station. It could also be used as a waiting room, perhaps on the opposite platform to a more substantial building. The resin is easily worked with common modelling tools and more adventurous modellers may spot opportunities for modification or 'Kit bashing' to suit their own needs.


This kit of detailed cast resin components has been produced from my own masters and moulds. The parts assemble quickly using superglue or general purpose adhesive to create a structure with a footprint of approx. 198mm x 90mm, making it an ideal building for smaller layouts. The building can be used in conjunction with other kits to form a cluster of buildings so typical of rural stations where extra accommodation has been added piecemeal over the years. The last few photos illustrate this kit combined with a stone hut kit which is available to purchase on a separate listing (not part of this sale).


Kit includes materials for glazing, gutters and downpipes, plus construction notes to help with assembly.


The photographs show the parts you will receive plus some images of a test built sample to show how a finished model could look.


Stone Station Building Kit (BK10)


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