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Stone Bridge Low Relief Pack  (BC28)

This is a low relief version of my stone bridge kit (BK25) comprising components for just a single front face such as might be used at the rear of a layout  against a back board. The resin is easily worked with common modelling tools and more adventurous modellers may spot opportunities for modification or 'Kit bashing' to suit their own needs. The parts are designed to be modular, allowing multi arch structures to be built, the join being covered by the vertical pillars.

This kit of detailed cast resin components has been produced from my own masters and moulds. The kit features individually  textured stonework . The parts assemble quickly using superglue or general purpose adhesive to create a single structure with a width of approx. 235mm. Arch width 140mm.


The photographs show the parts you will receive.

Stone Bridge Low Relief Pack  (BC28)

  • This product is made to order.


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