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These detailed castings have been prepared rom my own moulds and masters. They feature a fully textured roof tile / slate pattern common on older buildings where the slates are not so even, some are chipped, others have slipped a little. Careful painting followed by dry brushing will bring out all the detail in the castings.


This handy sized piece measures 210mm x 115mm each, making them ideal for medium sized projects such as small stations, houses, signal boxes, porters rooms, outbuildings etc. The resin sheet is easily cut to size, first scored with a heavy knife, then snapped.


The roof pieces were originally produced for my own range of kits and custom built buildings, I am now making them available for general sale.


The photographs show an example of the piece you will receive plus some pieces used on my cottage kit and on a recent loco shed commission. The crawling boards are a useful dodge for disguising a join between two pieces!

Slate Roof/ Roof Tiles Sheet (BC09)


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