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This building represents a small stone cottage as might be found in rural locations, such as a shepherd's cottage or maybe a crofter's dwelling or bothy. In coastal areas they may be fisherman's cottages by the quayside. More enterprising builders may spot opportunities for modification or 'kit bashing', perhaps into a blacksmith's shop or farm buildings. A couple of saw cuts through the gable ends and you have a pair of low relief buildings suitable for the back of the layout.

The walls feature a weathered random stone pattern, the roof has full slate detail with chipped and slipped slates, typical of older structures. The windows are also carefully cast resin featuring sash detail, and a set of three doors is supplied giving options for plain doors, or a smarter front door with window.

The footprint of the full model is approx. 205mm x 120mm.

The pictures show the set of parts that you will receive, a test built model in white resin and a painted sample to illustrate how a finished model could look.

Rural Cottage Kit (BK09)


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