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Building Sheets  

Rough stone walling (BC21)

Rough wood planking (BC22)

Slate wall (BC23)

Corrugated cladding (BC24)

Dressed stone (BC30)

These detailed cast resin sheets have been prepared rom my own moulds and masters. Careful painting followed by dry brushing will bring out all the detail in the castings. My patterns for these building sheets are entirely hand made as I believe it enables the creation of textures far superior to many computer manufactured methods such as laser cutting or 3d printing.


These textured patterns were originally produced for my own range of kits and custom built buildings, and are now available for general sale.


The resin sheet is easily cut to size, first scored with a heavy knife, then snapped. Colour may vary.


The photographs show an example of the piece you will receive plus some painted samples.

Approx. dimensions:

BC21 - 210mm x 120mm

BC22 - 175mm x 125mm

BC23 - 210mm x 120mm

BC24 - 208mm x 96mm

BC30 - 210mm x 134mm

Rough stone walling (BC21)


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