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This features plank & lath sides and ends, a planked door, battened felt roof and chimney. Also included are components for the window and stiff card for a base.

These sturdy little huts were once a common sight on the lineside, and a welcome refuge for the track gang working in all weathers as they strived to achieve the 'prize length'. The stout brick fireplace could be relied upon for a warming fire and a simmering  kettle ready for the next brew!

Huts of similar design could also be used in the yard of industrial premises, or just as a general outbuilding.

The photographs show the parts that you will receive, a test build in white resin and a painted sample which illustrates how a finished model could look.


The finished building from a single kit has a footprint of approx. 90mm x 60mm.

Permanent Way 'Ganger's' Hut Kit (BK02)


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