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Packing cases such as these go back to a time before the widespread use of cardboard boxes and polystyrene, when even relatively small items were packed up in timber crates for shipping. The company joiner being kept busy producing packing cases to the exact sizes required.


The pack contains 6 detailed resin castings representing different sizes of timber packing case or crate. The castings feature wooden plank detail and nail heads. Some have address / consignment labels. The largest case is approx. 24mm x 17mm, the smallest 17mm x 14mm. They are all 10mm high to allow prototypical stacking.

The resin paints well with most common modelling paints and can be glued with superglue or general purpose adhesive.


Ideal for good sheds, station scenes as well as wagon and lorry loads.


The photos show the parts you will receive plus some painted examples on a recent model commission. Please note the track and buildings in some photos are not part of this sale and are just used to illustrate how the crates could be used on a model.

Packing Cases - pack of 6 (BC13)


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