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This one piece cast resin wagon body has been produced from my own master and mould. It represents a typical design of small two plank open wagon with a central drop down door. The model features full plank detail and iron work including bolt and rivet heads, plus iron corner plates.


Supplied in white resin ready for painting and additional detailing. An ideal project to use up that old chassis that has been sitting in the spares box for years!


The photographs show the white body that you will receive plus some examples of how the body can be incorporated into different designs of finished vehicles. The grey dumb buffered wagon representing a design from the late 1800s, the brown wagon a later design with steel end stanchions added from strip styrene. 

Body dimensions approx. 68mm x 39mm x 12.5mm (L x W x H).

Open Wagon Body - 2 Plank (NG01) ​


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