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Old covered van bodies were once a common sight on railway land. With their wheels removed and grounded on a couple of old sleepers, these old vehicles saw useful service as instant store sheds in much the same way that retired shipping containers are used today. They could be used as mess huts, tool sheds and provender stores. It was not uncommon to see them used as make-shift goods sheds at small branch line stations, sometimes mounted on a small trestle platform to bring them up to a convenient height for loading direct from trains. The railway companies quickly realised there was profit to be made selling off wagon bodies to local farmers and businesses, so they could be seen in fields and farm yards, industrial premises and scrap yards - anywhere that needed covered accommodation quickly, for minimal cost and effort. An ideal addition to a collection of ramshackle huts in a layout goods yard for example.


These kit parts are cast resin. It features detailed components for the van body from my own masters, plus a preformed styrene roof and plasticard floor. Also included is an accessory pack to complete the scene. This comprises a set of three individual sleepers, a set of sleeper-built steps, an old oil drum, wooden chest, a scrap lorry wheel and scrap metal pieces. (Scenic scatter, grass, ballast and plywood base are for illustration only and are not included in the pack)


The photographs show the parts that you will receive and the sample build at different stages. Other photos show the finished painted & weathered sample to illustrate how the finished model could look and be incorporated into a layout or scene.


The footprint of the van body is approx. 115mm x 56mm.


Some customers have also successfully used the body as a working wagon on their layouts, using the scenic components on other areas showing the versatility of this kit.


Grounded Van Body Kit (BK14)


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