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This building has been created in the style of the timber cabins that were once a common lineside sight, used for housing ground frames in yards or as crossing keepers huts. Smaller stations might have a small signal box of this style on the end of the platform, or mounted on a short brick plinth.


An ideal model for branch line layouts, light railways and even some larger narrow gauge lines.


The resin is easily worked with common modelling tools and more adventurous modellers may spot opportunities for modification or 'Kit bashing' to suit their own needs.


This kit of detailed cast resin components has been produced from my own masters and moulds. The parts assemble quickly using superglue or general purpose adhesive to create a structure ready for final painting and detailing as desired. Glazing is included. Once assembled, the model has a footprint of approx. 98mm x 75mm, making it an ideal building for smaller layouts.


The photographs show the parts you will receive plus some images of a test built sample to show how a finished model could look.

Ground Cabin/Crossing Hut Building Kit (BK06)


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