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Corrugated Shed Parts - Plain gable end (BC27C)


To make a complete shed structure as illustrated you would need 2x BC27A corrugated side wall packs, 2x BC24 Corrugated cladding sheets, 1x BC27B corrugated shed front with doors, 1x BC27C Corrugated shed plain gable end, detailed below.

The photographs show an example of the pieces you will receive, and an example of these pieces being used in the construction of a corrugated shed. The roof makes use of the BC24 corrugated cladding sheet, cut to size.

Plain gable end (BC27C)

Each gable end piece overall measures 152mm wide, 130mm high to the ridge. This module could be used on its own in a single shed, or grouped together side by side to create a multi gable shed or warehouse . Each piece is roughly 2mm thick. Colour may vary from that shown.

Corrugated Shed Parts - Plain gable end (BC27C)


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