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Once a common sight around the railway network on the trackside and in yards for storage of coal or ballast. This versatile kit can be used in a number of different ways on the layout. It could become part of a coal yard scene or just a coal store for a building or factory. In the permanent way compound it could be storing fresh ballast ready for re-sleepering work or measured shovel packing to sort out those dipped rail joints. In builders yards they could be found storing sand and gravel.


This kit comprises 8 detailed cast resin pieces, created from my own masters and moulds. The kit assembles quickly with superglue or general purpose adhesive to form a three sided structure. The additional uprights can then be added where they would be supporting the timbers. The pieces feature the typical splits and bolt holes characteristic of second hand railway sleepers, including imprints from where chairs had been previously fastened. Careful painting followed by dry brushing will help to bring out all the detail. 


The photographs show the parts you will receive, plus a sample build unpainted, and then painted to illustrate how a finished model could look. Coal is not included.


Approximate dimensions: 68mm wide, 65mm deep, 30mm high.


Multiple kits can be joined together to create a longer model with several sections, perhaps for different coals in a coal merchants yard.

Coal Bunker kit (BC12) ​


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