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A useful vehicle for tail traffic traffic tacked on the morning passenger service or run as a full rake on market days.

These vans are a freelance design inspired by features found on prototype examples. The highly detailed sides and ends feature planking and bolt detail together with the characteristic outside framing so typical of late Victorian goods vehicle design. The pack includes two side castings featuring a pair of hinged doors with lower ramp flap. A pair of plain boarded ends, styrene rod for the upper rails, a plain styrene floor and a preformed styrene roof section. 


The parts glue together easily with superglue enabling the rapid construction of the body shell. The builder is only required to source a suitable chassis.


The finished body dimensions are approx. 92mm x 42mm.


The photographs show the parts you will receive together with a test build in white primer and a finished weathered example to illustrate what a final vehicle could look like. 

Cattle Wagon Body Kit (NG19)


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