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​These attractive and highly distinctive vehicles were built by the Gloucester Carriage works in 1925 for the newly formed Ashover Light Railway, built by The Clay Cross Company. The design was a Gloucester built body mounted on second hand WD bogies from WW1 service.


This kit represents a step up from my previous scratch aid Coachbuilder packs, and is much closer to a conventional kit. The kit contains all the main parts necessary to construct a basic  model as shown in the photographs, whilst allowing the builder to complete the final detailing as they wish.


The detailed resin parts have been created from my own masters and moulds. The resin works easily with common modelling tools, parts glue together with superglue and paint well with any good quality modelling paint. Instructions giving guidance for construction are included. For anyone with experience of rolling stock construction this kit represents a relatively quick and straightforward build.


The kit comprises the following parts: Coach sides and ends, internal partitions, underframe and headstocks, bogies. A styrene roof and floor section is included together with a 3D printed hand brake wheels. The builder just needs to fabricate external step boards and fit glazing. Handles, grab rails, roof ventilators, wheels and couplings will be required to complete.  The bogie castings are designed to allow for the fitting of NEM  couplers and require 16.5mm gauge, 8mm diameter wheels.


The photographs show the parts you will receive, plus a completed test build illustrating how a completed model could look.

Ashover Light Railway Coach Kit (NG17)


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