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​7mm Narrow Gauge Platform face pack - stone / slate platforms. O-16.5, 14mm On30 (PP06)

The parts have been created from my own moulds and masters. They are intended to portray stone or slate platform walls as might be found on many rural narrow gauge lines with small stations constructed from local materials.

The pack comprises one straight section and a pair of ramps. This gives a level platform surface of approx. 250mm, long enough for a pair of 4 wheel coaches, typical of a small wayside halt and ideal for compact layouts. Additional pieces for extending the platform are available under a separate listing. Please use the basket and request total from seller for combined postage.

The parts feature a fully embossed stone surface, offering a considerable time saving over scribing your own from modelling clay or similar. The interlocking sections have been carefully designed to reduce unsightly vertical joints in the stonework. The parts are also sufficiently flexible to allow gentle curves to be formed.

The finished platform is 16mm high from baseboard surface, all pieces are approx. 4mm wide. An individual straight section is 210mm long, ramps each 103mm long, requiring a total track length of 416mm for the pieces in this pack.


The photos show the three parts you will receive and the parts being used in the construction of a small diorama to illustrate how they could be used on a layout.

7mm Narrow Gauge Platform face pack - stone / slate platforms. O-16.5, (PP06)


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