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4 Wheel Coach Chassis (timber frame 16' wheelbase) pack of parts (OG01)


Suitable for long wheelbase van or CCT type vehicle.


The kit comprises 4 parts which are simply glued together (in this case using superglue) enabling the quick and easy construction of a 4 wheel coach chassis. There are two headstock castings featuring rivet detail, drawbar plate and buffer plates, and two longer 'side' castings depicting a wooden solebar with flitch plate, W irons, springs, axle boxes etc.


The design accommodates vehicles with a 16ft wheelbase and body up to 28ft at scale length (196mm).


It is a generic design, representing the common features of this design of underframe but can easily be adapted / shortened / modified to suit the needs of the individual builder.


I have designed this kit primarily to be used as a 'dummy', outside of an inner chassis or compensation unit such as the etched brass versions that are widely used in this scale, However, it is possible to drill the back of the axle boxes to accommodate bearings for a fixed axle should this be desired. 

Wheel Coach Chassis (timber frame 16' wheelbase) pack of parts (OG01)


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