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LCDR/Hull & Barnsley Railway 5 Compartment 3rd (4 wheel) body only (OG07)


​This pack contains detailed cast resin parts that glue together to enable a quick assembly of the basic coach body and chassis. Included are a pair of detailed sides and ends.


This model is based on a design by William Kirtley for the LCDR (later SECR). Kirtley went on to provide similar vehicles for the Hull & Barnsley Railway. A surviving Hull and Barnsley brake vehicle is undergoing restoration at Elsecar. These designs provide surprisingly versatile vehicles for small layouts, examples eventually finding their way to unlikely corners of the country. 


Constructed in the mid 1880’s, the H&BR vehicles were unpopular with passengers and eventually sold off. Second hand vehicles found their way to south wales, operating on both the Neath& Brecon Railway and the Cardiff Railway. In a strange twist of fate, these vehicles found themselves as GWR stock after grouping. Others were sold to a colliery line in south shields, and one ended its days in light railway service on the Bishops Castle Railway. Some of the LCDR variants also ended their days in light railway service on lines such as the East Kent Light Railway, whilst others crossed the water to the Isle of Wight. From a modelling perspective they are ideal for smaller rural layouts depicting light railways, but could also serve as mess coaches in works trains or workman's vehicles on industrial layouts.

LCDR/Hull & Barnsley Railway 5 Compartment 3rd (4 wheel) body only (OG07)


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