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​This is an entirely new model to my range. I have called it a workman's coach, slightly better in terms of accommodation that the primitive quarryman's vehicles run by some railways, but with just a single door and (most probably) longitudinal bench seating, still very basic in terms of passenger comfort.


The set of detailed cast resin parts allow rapid assembly of the coach body using just superglue or a general purpose adhesive.  A styrene roof section is included as well as a styrene floor piece. Requires paint, glazing and door handles to complete.


This is a body only kit, allowing the builder to fit a chassis of their choice according to gauge or design. A simple solution for O-16.5 would be to use a ready-to-run wagon chassis, whilst other builders may prefer an etched brass unit.


Finished body size is aprox. 92mm x 42mm.


The photographs show the white resin parts you will receive, the parts assembled as a test build into the basic unpainted coach body, and a finished example to illustrate what a final vehicle could look like.

4-Wheel Matchboard Coach Body Kit O-16.5 / 14mm (NG18)


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