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​Finished body size: 92mm x 38mm (46mm over duckets).  

When assembled, the body has been designed to conceal a RTR underframe (not included). Alternatively an etched brass unit could be used by those wishing to add compensation or model a narrower gauge. 

As with all my coachbuilder packs, this pack offers something between scratch building and kit building, taking out the tedious work of producing panelled coach sides from scratch, whilst being cheaper that conventional kits and with the added flexibility of allowing the builder to finish and detail as they wish.

For anyone who enjoys building their own vehicles and doesn't mind doing a bit of work, this pack offers a quick and economical way to build up their rolling stock collection.

The photographs show the parts you will receive, and a test built & detailed body, placed on a chassis to illustrate the shape of a completed vehicle.

This vehicle is designed to compliment the 4 wheel third coach.

4-Wheel Brake Coach Body Kit (NG12)


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